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Life Resonance is the developer and manufacturer of the Flight Aid, Travel Aid and Stabilizer Pendant. These unique energy-based products for "treatment" of the human energy field are based on Swiss technology by Life Resonance. These products for everyday use are effectively riding the current trend and great demand for harmony and more quality of life.

These bio-activated products have been specially developed for travel and daily stabilization of the energy system. Especially when we travel we are confronted with various changes which can affect our energy system negatively. The pendants support and harmonize the human energy field. It's easy to use, just wear it an it will help to stabilize while being carried.

General Introduction

- The three products

- Flight Aid Pendant 

- Travel Aid Pendant 

- Stabilizer Pendan

are energy devices developed by the Institute for Bioinformation in Zurich/Switzerland.

Ideally each of these pendants should be worn about 7 cm below the collar-bone on a silk or natural cord, not metal (gold or silver). The pendants can be worn in a top pocket or inside a bra, if a cord around the neck is not convenient.

It is not advisable to pass the pendants on to anyone else unless your mutual energy field with this second person is very good indeed. This is because wearing the pendants generates an interactive field between it and the wearer, and not everyone can comfortably share such an energy potential with anyone else.

Travel Aid

Does a little romantic swaying to and from in a boat or ship bring you misery, not pleasure? Or is every hairpin bend on mountain roads a nightmare?  

The Travel Aid was developed for people who cannot travel by car or sea without travel sickness, and issickness, and is equally effective on children and animals (as long as it is attached where it cannot be swallowed).

The Travel Aid is a small, flat glass pendant, about 2 cm in diameter, which the passenger can hang around its neck about an hour before a journey starts, throughout the journey and for about an hour afterwards. The Travel Aid contains a high-grade vacuum specially dynamised with energy patterns to keep the passenger’s energy field stable and balanced.

The sufferer is able to breath better and travel without tension. The Travel Aid has helped people over the past 10 years by restoring their pleasure of travel, in some cases making this possible for the first time.

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Flight Aid

About half of all airline passengers suffer from open or concealed attacks of anxiety when flying. Enormous kinetic forces operate on us when an aeroplane is flying, and when it takes off and lands. In addition there is radiation of various intensities.

All these factors impose considerable burdens on our energy system. The consequence can be stress, anxiety, discomfort, and even airsickness. 

The Flight Aid was developed as an effective aid to counter the sometimes secret, but often powerful, anxiety which for many people casts a shadow over travelling by plane.

The Flight Aid is a small, flat glass pendant, about 2 cm in diameter, which the passenger places around its neck about an hour before take-off, throughout the flight and for an our after landing. The high-grade vacuum generated within the Flight Aid has been specifically charged with energy patterns to keep the passenger’s energy field constantly in balance and stable, so that feelings of anxiety or physical discomfort do not arise. Also «jet-lag» becomes far less unpleasant and of much shorter duration with the use of the Flight Aid.

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Stabalizing Pendant

The Stabilizing Pendant is a small glass pendant embedded with a thin strip of gold in a high-grade vacuum which is carrier of resonance patterns.

This pendant can assist the wearer wherever there is unstable communication between the internal andthe external. Sensitive individuals are inclined to have a vulnerable, sensitive nervous system and often lack a sufficiently «thick skin» to protect them from feelings of being inundated by the outside world, both by people and by their environment.

For example the Stabilizing Pendant is suitable for anyone experiencing feelings of instability, insecurity, fragility, fear of exams, pressure to perform, or over-stimulation. It can also protect during convalescence.

The Stabilizing Pendant helps the individuals build a more powerful energy screen, and as a result they feel more stable and grounded, and experience better concentration and an improved sense of well-being.

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Technical Details

Travel Aid

Flight Aid

The Institute for Bioinformation (wich is in close cooperation with Life Resonance) is specialized in bio-activation procedures. In case of the Balancing Pendants it’s the vacuum — a highly dynamic medium — which is ideal to be bio-activated with harmonizing resonance patterns. The Transmitters For Travel Support, each equipped with an explicitly calculated energy pattern, are designed to continually relieve, calm and balance the nervous system, which results in a positive overall effect on the entire being.

Using the «Gas Discharge Visualisation» System developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkow, St. Petersburg, Russia, one is able to in fact see the differences that exist between a normal high vacuum and one that has been bio-activated. The photographs displayed here impressively illustrate these differences. The discharge field of the bio-activated pendant — in this case the Travel Aid — is wide-reaching and more intensive than that of the non-bio-activated pendant.

The bioactivated Travel Aid thereby exhibits a greater readiness to step into biocommunication with the surrounding energy, i.e., with the energy field of the person who wears it. The Travel Aid is thus able to optimally integrate with the energy field and transmits its vibrating components — the harmonizing bioinformation — to a most effective exte

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