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If you are an Entrepreneur, Distrubutor, Importer or Wholseller working in the Health Care or Wellness Business range, then you should take some time to check out this great business opportunity offered by the manufacturer. 

Prducts using frequency and pulsing energy to condition the human energy system are the future and very trendy. 

These products and facinating and useful at the same time! Your clients will love them!

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The three products

  • Flight Aid Pendant
  • Travel Aid Pendant
  • Stabilizer Pendant

are energy devices developed by the Institute for Bioinformation in Zurich/Switzerland.

The Life Resonance is specialized in bio-activation procedures. In case of the Balancing Pendants it’s the vacuum - a highly dynamic medium - which is ideal to be bio-activated with harmonizing resonance patterns.

The Transmitters for Travel and personal stabilization support, each equipped with an explicitly calculated energy pattern resonate with the wearers energy system. Most clients notice the beneficial effect after first use. These are really amazing products.

These products are designed to continually relieve, calm and balance the nervous system, which results in a positive overall effect on the entire being.

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